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Leasing companies

Comprehensive law and tax advisory tailored both for the lessors (those who finance) and lessees (those who benefit) in the following scope:

  • leasing of vehicles (regular, special purpose vehicles);
  • leasing of machines, tools and assembly lines;
  • leasing of farming equipment;
  • consumer leasing (private);
  • debt factoring;
  • long-term lease of vehicle fleets;
  • general contract terms;
  • real estate leasing - including used real estate;
  • sale and leaseback as well as lease and leaseback.

Professional advisory on leasing transactions includes analysis of the following tax issues:

  • "big ticket" leasing;
  • international leasing transactions;
  • the strategy of amortization of leasing contracts;
  • shortening and prolonging of leasing contracts, early buyout;
  • identification of costs and income at an earlier termination of contract;
  • establishment of final value of the leased asset ;
  • assignment of leasing contracts to another lessor;
  • selling of leasing debts;
  • currency leasing and denominated leasing;
  • settlements with the supplier;
  • selling of the leased object;
  • financing of leasing transactions;
  • qualifying of operational and financial leasing contracts;
  • off-balance leasing;
  • tax optimization, strategic tax planning and structuring of leasing transactions;
  • assistance in creation of tax effective transactions between leasing parties and suppliers with special consideration of discounts and joint marketing activities;
  • analysis of new leasing-based products.

Trainings regarding the handling of taxes in leasing transactions:

  • For accounting/financial departments;
  • For salesmen, suppliers and dealers;
  • For the lessees


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