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Corporate Income Tax

  • Ongoing consultancy on corporate income tax;
  • Identify proper tax liability and determine the proper time of the settlement costs in time;
  • Development of structures which minimize costs connected with acquisition or Advise on the optimal investment tax clearance. Assistance on issues related to the depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • Development of tax efficient financing structures, including the selection of the jurisdiction of the special purpose vehicles and design of financial models to calculate the tax burden;
  • Analysis and advisory on effective recognition of non-collectable receivables (so called bad debts) for tax purposes;
  • Support with proper recognition of exchange rates for tax purposes as well as with the development of internal procedures for their calculation;
  • Consulting on tax qualification of advertising and representation expenses and advisory on the principles of their documentation;
  • Support in benefitting from the most effective tax concessions - including advisory on business activities in special economic environments;
  • Consulting on proper recognition of variable and constant differences between financial and fiscal results.


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